Terms & Conditions

  1. Codex Shopper does not approve franchised businesses including but not limited to: KFC, 711, Starbucks. (If you are a reseller of branded products, you must have your own logo for it)
  2. Codex Shopper will not be liable for damages done to intellectual property and/or profits.
  3. Codex Shopper does not approve gambling category businesses.
  4. Codex Shopper does not approve places with adult entertainment (strip club, host club, cabaret or any business that showcase exotic dancers)
  5. Codex Shopper has the right to limit usage of our services in regards to how much the posting/listing will consume our database and overall performance of the site.
  6. Codex Shopper has the right to decline proposal for business posting/listing without giving the reason behind the rejection of said proposal.
  7. Codex Shopper has the right to remove listing if terms are breached.
  8. Codex Shopper has the right to share and/or publish said business anywhere on the internet.
  9. Codex Shopper has the right to investigate the listing if there are supported speculation of the misuse of our service. These include but not limited to: False information or photos, using Codex Shopper’s listing for fraudulent endeavors.
  10. The business has the right to cancel business listing with Codex Shopper. (After cancelation of service, we’ll be deleting all information about the business on our database within the span of 12 hours.)
  11. Business has the right to post the created business listing anywhere on the internet.
  12. As this is a free business listing service Codex Shopper has the rights to remove the listing if it impacts website overall performance.
  13. Sending us an e-mail requesting for the said free business listing will automatically mean that you agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.