primej vape lounge

Primerj Vape Lounge


Primerj Vape Lounge isn’t your typical vaper shop, it boasts quality service, accommodating staff members and good selection of products! Plus a good perk that only a few vape shops have. See what the perk is below. 


The staff on Primerj Vape Lounge are as friendly as they come, You’re sure to get quality service and recommendations, if you don’t know what to get.


As I’ve said earlier, they have a really good selection of products, that are quite affordable, you can see a glimpse of the products below.

The Perk

As you can see on the picture, this is a full blown lounge, I challenge you, tell me 5 vape shops that have this perk! In this vape lounge, you’ll feel right at home!

Can't go outside? No problem!

Have I mentioned they deliver too? Well, now I have, check their Facebook page here to get the details.

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