cant recieve mail on my godaddy email

Simple fix not being able to receive emails from your contact form on GoDaddy

I imagine you’re creating a contact form and the form works, you’ve checked in your server can send emails and it can, but somehow you can’t receive emails at all to your GoDaddy webmail. ex.

Below you’ll find a simple fix that I did with my contact form to start receiving emails from your contact form.

Step 1:

Go to your cPanel dashboard and look for “E-mail Routing”

You’ll see these settings below the “E-mail Routing” options, please make sure that it’s set to “Remote Mail Exchanger”

Step 2:

Go to your cPanel dashboard again and on the search bar on the top right of the dashboard type in “MX” and click “Zone Editor”.

In the zone editor you’ll find this bar below it, click on the “+ MX RECORD” icon in the middle.

After clicking on the “+MX RECORD” you’ll see this pop up

Then add these codes into their corresponding boxes:

You're good to go! After setting these things, you should be able to receive emails now on your GoDaddy webmail.